Our Story-Our Vision

How Cloud+Mobile technology will revolutionize music practice…

PRACTICIA is the result of many years of struggling with how to engage students and their parents in music instruction. Founder, Amitabh (Sam) Rao pursued composition and conducting studies at Oberlin Conservatory and the Aspen Music Festival before starting to teach privately in Cleveland, Ohio.

In 2003, Sam co-founded a music school that went on to become one of the largest such schools in Ohio, with over 700 students taking lessons.

While he did employ several traditional ways to motivate students, Sam continually realized that neither the students nor their parents were not as engaged in lessons as they could be. While parents invested a lot of time and money in music education including lesson fees, instrument rentals, and other supplies, they were often clueless as to what what going on in the lessons. Teachers would write detailed instructions on how to practice and what to prepare and students hardly looked at them. Teachers had no idea how students practiced till they showed up at the next lesson or class…(sound familiar?)

Enter Mobile Technology and "the cloud"…

Since the mid 2000’s mobile devices and smartphones are more and more readily available…everyone’s got one! Add to that the availability of cloud services and we have a winning combination! We now have the technology to seamlessly connect teachers, students, and parents everyday of the week and uncover the mystery that practice has always been. The ability of the teacher to listen to a students practicing at any point makes that individual accountable for not only the quantity, but more importantly, the quality of practice

Gamification-A New Way to Engage!

Add to all this the power of gamification with leaderboards, badges, friendly competition, team practice efforts… and we are onto something quite revolutionary! We envision a world in practice, instead of being a solitary activity, is rather a global one, with students and teachers helping and encouraging each other with their practice!